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Broken Stairs To Love

Tasting of Golden

My name is Jennifer.
I'm a 16 year old girl living in the United States.
My favorite color is yellow. It's scrumptious and happy. I have a scarf collection. ;D My favorite place on Earth is Florence, Italy. Of all the cartoon characters ever- I love Pocahontas best. I'm addicted to Arizona Raspberry Tea and mountain dew. I love the sun, but I love the rain too haha.

I'm the kind of girl who wears rubber gloves to do the dishes. I sing off key and loudly to anyone who will listen. I like to go to the grocery store. I'm the kind of person to take a spontaneous two hour walk in flip flops and not regret the blisters.

One day I'll have books to my name and places to call my own.
Right now I'm stuck in a house that isn't mine, to a family I'm not related to, and a backyard I'm not allowed to plant flowers in. My dream is to have an orchard of fruit trees and a patch of sunflowers near a house that I own and can afford on my own.

I got my profile from thefulcrum -> thefulcrum